Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paper 1 Part 2

Lighting and the Health Issues it Impacts by Cory Odell

    Most people in what we call the modern age spend most if not all of our days underneath ultra-violet lights in either offices, schools or large corporate buildings in general, they can even be found in the buildings we spend our recreational and leisure lives in like our department stores, malls, and the local super market or convince stores.
    As many studies, as well as the two readings have shown these lights can cause our bodies harm. The lack of natural like can have physical damage on our bodies, as well as the horrible hums and drones of artificial lights can have on not only our bodies, but or minds and emotional selves as well. This is a belief know as a Circadian rhythm, a process that studies many aspects of biology on a cycle of 24 hours ranging from humans and animals to plants and fungi.
    This comes as not surprise to me. We can already see through the changes in seasons and how it can affect our bodies and minds as well as plants and animals, and this is a total natural element in planets solar path around the sun, nothing we can escape or change, and if so, wouldn’t want to.
    SAD is a disorder associated with the season’s changes and how with less sunlight people can develop emotional symptoms like sadness or depression. This is a true sign of how closely we are connected to the sun and the natural light around us. I think this is closely related to the sadnesses and mental illnesses that can be associated or even follow lifestyles that are closely related to jobs or interiors that have excessive amounts of artificial light, and lack a connection to the natural light that surrounds our world.
    Our sun has a true connection with the living beings of this world, it creates what we know in the scientific world as a Circadian Rhythm, and without them, we suffer emotional strain for reasons that can only be solved be allowing our biological selves to be connected to what truly is in many ways, the light that gives us life.

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